At Easy Way Financial we understand that taxation can be a tricky business. Let us manage this business for you. We specialize in corporate and personal taxes and treat your business as our own. With up to date government releases we know how to maximize your deductions and save you money. Don't waste your time and energy and take a risk with Revenue Canada. Let us do it right, the first time.

We provide:

  • Personal Tax Service.
  • Business Tax Service.
  • Up to date Tax knowledge & advice. 

We believe in:

  • Honesty and Integrity.
  • Maximizing your deductions.
  • Providing cost effective tax solution.
  • Utilize the latest technology and software.

Filing Deadlines:

  • Personal: April 30th of the next year.
  • Business: 180 days after business year end. 


If you are late and have a balance owing on your tax return, you may be subject to penalty of 5% and interest of 1% per month for any outstanding balance.

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